NHS bowel cancer screening: FIT kit instructions 

Image showing the date being written on the label on the FIT kit bottle

  • Writing the date on the bottle

Write the date on the sample bottle in biro.

Use a container or layers of toilet paper to catch your poo.

Do not let your poo touch the toilet water.

Image of scraping the FIT kit stick along the surface of the poo to collect a sample

  • Collecting the sample

Twist the cap to open the sample bottle.

Collect a sample by scraping the stick along the poo until all grooves are covered.

We only need a little poo to test. Please do not add extra.

Image showing that the cap of the sample bottle needs to be clicked shut to close it properly

  • Clicking the sample bottle shut

Put the stick back in the bottle and ‘click’ the cap to close it.

Do not reopen the bottle after use.

Please wash your hands after use.

Image showing someone putting their completed FIT kit into the prepaid cardboard return envelope

  • Preparing to post the completed kit

Make sure you have written the date on the sample bottle.

Put the sample bottle in the return envelope supplied.

Peel off the tape, and seal the envelope and post.

Please post your completed kit as soon as possible.